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    tissue packaging bag /Manual packaging series/family plastic packing bags


    Supply type:customized
    Packing level:Inner packing
    Pure material and reworked material proportion:100%
    Custom Order: Accept
    LOGO print:Accept
    Brand LOGO:customized
    Net weight:customized
    Craft:Offset printing, Gravure Printing
    Material:CPP.OPP.PE.Opal PE,Matte PE,OPP/PE,OPP/CPP.CPP/CPP,Matte OPP/PE
    Industry:Collection packaging bag,Life tissue packaging bag,tissue packing bag

    Product introdution

    We produce life tissue packaging bags according to customer requirements from the material,size,color printing and content.
    Name:Life tissue packaging bag   Manual packaging series
    Material:CPP.OPP.PE.Opal PE,Matte PE,OPP/PE,OPP/CPP.CPP/CPP,Matte OPP/PE
    Feature:PE material Clean,hygeian and safe,moisture proof,light proof, air proofheat seal, strong sealing strength, non-breakage,accept customed LOGO etc.
    Industry:Applies to Collection packaging bag,Life tissue packaging bag etc






    Customed introductions:

    Customized customer please read the requests of quotation clearly
    1.What is the size of the packaging ?(Such as length,width,side,thickness,etc)
    2.What material does the packaging choose?(We will choose the suitable material for your products if you unknown the purpose of the packaging)
    3.What is the type of packaging?(such as Bottom sealing,edge-sealing,three edge selling,the sealing.folder chain bags,self-reliance zipper bags,automatic packing film etc)
    4.Does the packing bags need print?How many colors printing?(If you want to print,whether to have the design draft or sample bag?The print plate charge depends on numbers of color.)
    5.How many are the order quantity?
    6.Ex-factory price or insurance and freight?
    The more information details you provide,the more correctly of our quotation,thanks for your quotation.

    Remark:Our company provide free samples information for reference,You can request free samples(please leave detail contact information)But we need charge freight of many customers for samples,sorry for the inconvenience.


    Attach detailed parameters are as follows:

    Modes of packing:woven bags packaging(about20-25kg)2、carton packing(about20-30kg)
    Transportation mode:Adopt the logistics, logistics delivery,Buyers take delivery to the door(provide home delivery service)(please contact the depot or negotiate with buyers about transport service)
    MOQ:1、 Common blank bag  100 kg minimum 2.Common printing bag 200 kg minimum(one-two colors)3.Blank compound bag  MOQ30000pcs ,compound printing bag MOQ50000pcs 4.Automatic packaging film 300-500 kg minimum
    Notice of sample-making :No printing proofing fee 200-500yuan ,printing proofing fee:500-3500+printing plate charge (it depends on content and colors,Order amount of fees for 35 times can back version of the fee.)
    We provide the samples in stock for customer’s reference


    Cooperate introductions:


    T/T: 30% deposit, 70% by T/T against copy of B/L;
    The other specific issues can negotiate.
    please confirm the details with us before do the prepayment.

    Unit price
    A.How long about the period of validity after unit price confirm.
    Reply:The normal unit price is valid for 10 to 15 days,But considering the long-term interests, we may be extended appropriately cooperation.The contract is valid for three months for increasing in cost of global oil price.
    Reply:The unit price concerns about the original material,there are many reasons affect the unit price,such as:quantity.printing colors,design print plate,material and packing method etc.

    Delivery time time?
    1.Common blank bag 5-7days
    2.Common printing bag5-10days
    3.Composite blank bags7-10days
    4.Compound printing bag10-15days
    5.Automatic packaging film10-15days
    B.The main printing factors oft delivery
    1.order quantity 2.whether print 3.Bag type 4.logistics time5.others

    Order error

    Whether order quantity exist error or not?
    Reply:Because our company is according to your requirements, so the product quantity is the error of plus or minus 10%. Please understanding!


    After-sales service:

    Our company will bear the freight within your receive goods 7days  if our products have problem .
     We won’t accept replacement processing for your mistake in order.So please check the details of the products.
    our company according to the national standards, if you have special requirements, need to elaborate.



    Contact us:

    Contact name:Mr.Du(General manager)
    Address:No.466 Shanmei Road . Guannan Industrial Zone, Jimei district of Xiamen , Fujian , China
    Email address:[email protected]

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